Lumax Automtive Systems Ltd.

Continuous Modernization and upgradation of Technology & Machinery.
To be loyal and committed to our customers by providing them high quality, competitive costing, immediate delivery, prompt services and 24X7 support.
To serve our customers with our high-tech and strong infrastructure with specialized team of workers to ensure error free production cycle.
To create a global footprint for key business processes.
To be present in the focus market where our products have a strong value proposition.
To be a knowledge-based company and to derive our further success from applying our knowledge of the industry and the markets to generate value for our customers.
Continuously strive for product and process innovation.
To diverse and broaden our customer base.
To increase our enterprise value.
To create a stable working environment to accommodate for innovative technologies and industrial challenges.
To be the preferred employer in the industry.
To be the catalyst for growth and excellent amongst automotive industry.